It's Pride Month! Support the cause by making yourself happy!

    If you don't know, June is Pride Month. This is the month in which various activities are made to support the LGBT cause. This goes from the GayPride and various colloc or other discussion sessions around the topic

    Support the cause by making yourself happy!

    Throughout the month of June, my shop donates all the profits made to an LGBT association of my choice. Because yes, unfortunately we still have to fight today, as LGBT people to have the same rights as everyone else.

    In order to support an association, I propose you to please yourself in my shop in which you can find various contents in the colors of the rainbow, such as the objects put below:

    Why this gesture?

    My livestreams are always open to discussion, whether personal or more general topics on the LGBT cause among others. That's why the desire to support an association in need came to mind.

    Pride Month is perfect for this and will support an association in my region that needs a little financial help from people who are directly or indirectly concerned by the LGBTQI+ "cause".

    From when to when?

    The month of pride being the month of June by default, I will make sure that all orders made during this period of time plus the month of July, donate the profits to an asssociation of my choice.

    That is to say, from 1 June to 30 July, each order placed will be intended for the financial support of an LGBT association or organization in Switzerland. Because yes, although I am in Switzerland, some associations need help in order to be able to continue to offer permanences, support, roommates, and other meetings.

    If you just want to support me financially, simply go through the box PayPal or subscription directly on Twitch or specify, when ordering, that you want the funds to go for me and not for an association.

    Here are some other Rainbow items you can find in my shop

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