Weekly IRL lives stream

    The IRL live streams will arrive and will be done regularly. You can indeed find me weekly live at a place X or Y.

    What are weekly livestreams?

    These lives will be dedicated to the discovery of Lausanne and its surroundings. During these, I will share with you parts of my city, but also new places of Switzerland in a more general way.

    Livestreams will be 100% dependent on the cellular network

    In view of the topology of the places, I will probably be obliged to make you quite static lives so as not to lose the connection to the network. I could see it today by simply passing through 2 places a little shaded, the network was not enough to be able to stream.

    In fact, when possible, I will go through public wi-fi if the connection speed allows to make a live of good quality. The other solution will be simply to record my visit and broadcast it to you live afterwards with comment.

    What will you discover?

    Museums, places on the shores of Lake Geneva, bistros and many other things. Because yes, it will be an opportunity for me to go out, regain confidence in what I do and especially meet people in everyday life. Because yes, these lives are also an opportunity to meet people and chat about various things.

    What material am I missing?

    For the whole, I will still have to make a financial effort, not huge, which will allow me to give you a correct sound. Apparently, Streamlabs on the phone does not take bluetooth into account, and in fact, is content to take the sound of the smartphone.

    What future of IRL lives?

    Like taking candy from a baby. Depending on the number of people present, I will continue as far as it can in order to make you discover more and more about Switzerland. Sometimes even if it means leaving the world of video games for 1 week to make you live from my tourist walks.

    Want to participate?

    If you are a gamer, a person who wants to discover Lausanne, streamer, bar owner historian, tourist agent or other it is possible to make my IRL shows with you. Just contact me to get organized and do a small live to several on a particular subject.

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