Pride Month but not queue!

    During this Month Pride Month some changes will happen to the organization of my supports. Indeed, there are quite a few, too many, places where you can find me and especially duplicates for certain tasks.

    We go back to the classics

    In order to avoid you an unnamed headache, I have taken the decision to simplify my channels of exchange as much as possible. Even though I much prefer Guilded as a voice support, I find that it is very complicated to migrate discord regulars, not to mention those who do not understand anything about English.

    In fact, I'm going to put everything back on Discord while I have a nice community. Once all done, I'll see if I'll migrate to Guilded or not. Everything will depend on my community, whether or not it will follow.

    What's up?

    Social Networks

    I haven't told you everything yet, but I'm back on the classic social networks that are Instagram, Facebook. You can sleep and already follow me there. I will try to put you full of various information


    Don't always have time to come and see on my Discord the upcoming events? It doesn't matter, because today you'll be able to add all my livestreams to your calendar via a simple trick.

    1. Copy this URL:
    2. Add there to your calendar
      1. Google
      2. Or to your personal calendar "add a calendar via URL" or similar and paste the URL into the appropriate field
    3. And that's it, you'll have all the upcoming events and streams right now directly on your personal calendar

    Life of Discord

    In order to update the community as much as possible, I will animate as much as this little discord. Between memes, hello, trolling and other content so that you have enough to have a good time on the Vocal.

    I will try to make it as clear as possible how it is organised. Because I have already had remarks that I tend to put too much and not very well organize. I admit that I organize in my own way which is not necessarily the best in order to find my way around.

    Discord Ranks

    The ranks or ranks on the Discord will be reviewed in speed. But you can sleep and already see that twitch subscribers are back.

    Other grades will come in order to best match my gaming and creative aspirations. These will be accompanied by adapted channels as far as possible.

    💡 If you have ideas for improvements, you can send them to me via social networks, comment on the website or via Discord in the appropriate channel.

    Another good news, if you are a streamer, you will have the right rank when you are live. This is so that those who are on the Discord can be aware. Once out of live, you'll be a simple kitten again.

    End word

    Some novelties, as you can see, will arrive and especially a refocusing on my activities. You may know, I mainly take care of the FR community of Elyon,but I also have other sites like that of Swords of legends as well as the most important after that of Elyon, the Gaymer Academy.

    If you are concerned by one or the other and you want to contribute to their growth, do not hesitate to come forward!

    See you on Monday on my Twitch channel at the latest! Good end of weekend and 💋 spouts.

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